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How it works


If you're ever feeling bored, press the button to generate a playlist of 50 random websites. Enjoy many types of random sites, including funny, interesting, useful, entertaining, or just plain weird websites. You never know what kinds of things you can discover! Once you're done, regenerate the list and keep on discovering more. Multiple hours of content are added every week so there is always something new!


*Coming Soon* Create your own playlists so that other people can enjoy them too. Once you've submitted the URLs for your playlist, you will recieve a custom URL that links to your playlist, randomly shuffled every time someone views it. You can also contribute by submitting sites to be put into the main database. Either way, you can help to provide new and organized content for other people to enjoy!


*Coming Soon* You can like or favorite any of the sites you encounter in Shufflur. See what sites are hot right now or what has been most liked overall so that you enjoy some of the best content on the internet. Whenever you see a cool site you want to revisit, favorite it, and it will show up in your favorites list, which can also be turned into a playlist. By voting, you help to distinguish the good from the great so that everyone can see the best that we have to offer!


*Coming Soon* Filter your results by adding tags to whatever playlist you are exploring. You can even add tags to a custom playlist you upload so that people can find your playlist more easily. Add as many tags as you want to focus your expirience to one area. If you want to listen to cool music that is also funny, add a funny tag and a music tag. It's that easy to discover anything you want on Shufflur!